Joanna Faferko

I became a Stigma® ProArtist just a few months ago, but I remember when my boss told me that I was going on our first tattoo convention. As a prize he would give me a new machine. I got two prizes at this convention so he had to give me two new machines. All tattoos […]

Laura Candy Ink

I became a Stigma® ProArtist in October 2019. I would describe my tattooing style as something between neotraditional and new school. Stigma® machines help me in many ways, they are strong, easy to use and make my work simple and fast. The Thorn is my favourite machine at the moment, I use it to do […]


I have 18 years of experience in tattooing and only recently became a Stigma® ProArtist. I am the type of person who tries to avoid calling something better or worse, since I believe every single machine works in proper hands. The Shot machine let me work with lines/shading and color without any unnecessary adjustments. It […]