Update on Killer Ink’s Force pre-orders going to/from the UK, non-EU countries and more.

If you have pre-ordered the Force wireless pen via Killer Ink and you have been waiting for the order to arrive for some time now while others have received it already and in time, this is for you.

We have shipped out all pre-orders as promised on the 21st of January. That being said, some of our shipments have not arrived yet at Killer Ink HQ, which is based in the UK, because there has been a massive delay at shipment processing centers due to Brexit and how most courier companies handle parcels makes that even worse.

We have been following up on the case daily via phone and emails trying to get the shipments moving. In cooperation with Killer Ink we will do everything we can to get your order through to you as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to buy a Force wireless pen, you can check the list below with tattoo equipment suppliers that have it available:

Here is a few:

Pedrada Tattoo Supplies

Body Cult Tattoo Supplies



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