PRO Artists

Professional artists from around the globe using Stigma® equipment. An array of different styles from Black and Gray to colorful Neotraditional, these artists are using advanced techniques and are the best in what they do. Check them out below or pay them a visit in social media to see them in action.

Alex T.O.K.O.A.

Slide Alex T.O.K.O.A I have been using Stigma® machines since before I became a ProArtist.
I just love their strong motors! When using Stigma® machines I have the feeling that my tattoos are darker and more solid since they wear a 6-Watt motor rather than a 4-Watt which I used before. Stigma® not only offers top quality products but they also provide excellent service.
t_o_k_o_a Black & Gray - Realistic Equipment: Spear | Stylist | Thorn (3mm)

Artemijs Saveljevs

Slide Artemijs Saveljevs Since I became a part of the Stigma® ProTeam I found that working with Stigma-Rotary®’s powerful machines has really helped me improve my work. The machines work really professionally, without destroying the skin. With Stigma® machines I can pack color fast, shade softly and tattoo solid lines. They are also really easy to use for whip shading. It’s quite hard to choose my favourite Stigma® machine because in the beginning I really loved the Spear. It has a give adjustment which is really easy to use and perfectly soft for layering techniques. Ever since I started to change my tattooing style and moved to other techniques, I found that the Thorn was my true love. It’s faster and better for lines and even though it has a harder hit it’s simpler to use. I find that the Stigma-Rotary® brand has a lot of products available and they always have something new out on the market. They’re not just a lot of products, they are all built for different purposes, I think that’s cool. In the future I plan to move to creating bigger scales because I’m not really interested in working the classic way. I want to evolve my style and practice freehand on it. I’d like to move to more abstract forms, creating more artistic tattoo, simplifying and at the same time making them fuller. In ten years from now I hope I’m still on this planet doing more contemporary art and perhaps I’ll start to work with installations. That’s my kind of dream!
agatattoo Postmodernism - Abstract - Collage Art Equipment: Spear | Thorn (3.5mm)

Atte Nuottajärvi

Slide Atte I’ve been tattooing since 2008, but professionally from 2012 when I opened my very own studio. My preferred style is photorealism with black and grey, but also with colors. Stigma® machines are reliable, the adjustments on them works as promised, and because of the large product range they offer, there is always something for everyone! My favourite machine is the Stigma® Spear, because it’s really powerful and it doesn’t choke even on low volts. I love to use low volts because the workflow is slower and customer’s skin stays smooth. Stigma® as a brand is very customer-oriented. They listen, they support and always try to find best solutions for your needs. atte_tattoo Black and Grey Equipment: Thorn 3.5mm | Spear

Dmitriy Mart

Slide Dmitriy Mart I have been in the business for a total of 9 years, 3 of them tattooing professionality. I prefer working with Stigma® tattoo equipment because its high-quality and well-thought-out equipment for professionals. My favourite machine is the Stigma® Spear because it offers unique features (which other manufacturers cannot offer). In the working process the Spear can be adjusted to be able to work on any skin type, without having to disassemble the machine. The pen has a biting, powerful punch that effortlessly copes with complex areas of the skin, even on the lowest voltage. It sometimes feels like the Spear is connected to my brain and knows what result I need to get. Stigma® as a brand always offers up-to-date equipment, the team knows what artists need and they think through every step of the way when creating products. It’s favourable to see them paying great attention to ergonomics, appearance and practicality of the equipment they bring out on the market. In the future I am planning to work on several new styles, one of which is the MartGlitch Style, it is a realistic color style that basically carries a psychological effect, the psychology of color and contrast manipulation. I also plan to holding several seminars next year on the same topic. dmitriy.mart Color Realism Equipment: Spear | Stylist | Thorn (3mm)

Glen Decker

Slide Glen Decker I became a member of the ProTeam on December 2018. I have an ultimate respect for the Stigma® brand since their team is the one who invented the give system, which revolutionized the industry. Plus, they have consistently contributed to the tattoo world ever since. I prefer Stigma® machines for 2 reasons: 1. They are bulletproof, I can always rely on them to perform and 2. they have the best give systems in the industry, which suits my style of tattooing perfectly. I mainly work with the Spear and Thorn pen machines and right now, the THORN is my every day machine. It's so light that I just can’t put it down! decker_art Realism - Fantasy Equipment: Thorn | HyperV4 | Spear

Goran Micic

Slide Goran Micic I have been a Stigma® ProArtist for several years now. I prefer to work with Stigma® machines because they are one of the first manufacturers in the tattoo industry, and definitely hold the first place in being the best brand for tattoo machines out there. My favourite machine is the Spear pen because its softer on the skin and you can work with it on both color and black and grey tattooing styles. Another cool feature on the Spear is its adjustable stroke length. The Stigma® brand has a modern design that fits every artist out there. For the future I wish to perfect my techniques which I work on to improve on a daily basis. goranmicic_mg Color Realism Equipment: Spear | Stylist | Thorn 3.5mm

Ivan Panayotov

Slide Ivan Panayotov ivanpanayotovtattoo Color Realism Equipment: Spear

Jean Paul Maratt

Slide Jean Paul Marat jeanpaulmaratt Neotraditional Equipment: Thorn 4mm | Shot

Joanna Faferko

Slide Joanna Faferko I became a Stigma® ProArtist just a few months ago, but I remember when my boss told me that I was going on our first tattoo convention. As a prize he would give me a new machine. I got two prizes at this convention so he had to give me two new machines. All tattoos were small and I worked many hours on them, so that they were perfect. The judges could see how much effort I had put into these pieces. My first prize was a Hyper and the second a Prodigy. Others told me, that it was very difficult to go from a coil to a rotary, but I didn’t feel like this. With Stigma-Rotary® it was so easy. Now I appreciate that all Stigma® machines are heavy duty, strong and never hurt the skin. It’s like painting for me. I started working with the Thorn and even with low volts it worked well. My favourite machine has to be the Stylist. Are you surprised? I have seen many artists working with the Stylist on black and grey designs and they were really soft and smooth. As for me, I work with the same techniques, the shades and the textures really blend so the Stylist it’s just what I wanted. Truly I use all the machines I have. The Thorn for colours and for filling big parts with solid colour. The Spear I use for lining and dot work which I also do. What I really like about the Stigma-Rotary® brand is that they are real people who have done hard work and are always willing to help to resolve any problems customers might have. They are a real Stigma-Rotary® family with a well-known brand name. Their machines have been on the market for many years and they always come out with new creative ideas. It’s an honour to be a member of the pro-team. Lastly, in the future I would like to try to do a little bit of everything. I want to work more, travel more and get inspired by artists, new customers and nature. Tattooing is a way of life for me and I will never stop learning. joannafaferko Various styles - focus on Color realism Equipment: Stylist | Thorn 3.5mm

Jurgis Mikalauskas

Slide Jurgis Mikalauskas In 2019 I became a Stigma® ProArtist. I love to work a lot with flow and compositions since these techniques are fun to freehand, which is how I do most of my tattoos. The Thorn and Spear pen machines offer the diversity that I need to create. The Thorn is my favourite machine at the moment. I am using it for lining, shading and coloring. It really packs the ink effortlessly and kind of feels like I am cheating. Stigma-Rotary® simply make 1st class tattoo machines that are so easy and fun to work with. As a ProArtist its really nice to see how interested they are in our opinion about their products – they want to make the absolute best machines. And they deliver. It’s just a fantastic brand I love being on their team. In the future I want to run my own tattoo shop, travel more and realize a lot of guest spots around the globe. jurgismikalauskas Color Realism Equipment: Spear | Stylist | Thorn 3.5mm

Kenni Poke

Slide Kenni Poke kennipoke Neotraditional - Newschool Equipment: Thorn 4mm | Spear

Laura Candy Ink

Slide Laura Candy I became a Stigma® ProArtist in October 2019. I would describe my tattooing style as something between neotraditional and new school. Stigma® machines help me in many ways, they are strong, easy to use and make my work simple and fast. The Thorn is my favourite machine at the moment, I use it to do the outlines and to pack color. The Thorn’s shape is ergonomic and therefore perfectly fits in my hand and prevents pain in my wrist (which I have broke a few times and need to watch out for). I like the Stigma® brand because its continuously developing new products and it is implementing new technologies as well. I also like the brand because our ProTeam keeps on growing stronger which is uniting great artists. In the future, I would like my outlines to be flawless and my tattoo compositions to fit the body shape of the client as much as possible. I would also like the visit more countries and spread my tattoo artwork all over the world. I know that with Stigma-Rotary® I can achieve all of my goals. candy_ink_ Neotraditional - Newschool - Girly Equipment: Thorn 3.5mm | Spear
Luigi Mansi

Slide Luigi Mansi luigimansi_ Black & Grey Equipment: Stylist

Renato Vivoli

Slide Renato Vivoli One of my first tattoo machines was the Hyper which I was immediately in love with. Now that I am a Stigma® ProArtist I find the power, quality and accuracy of the tattoo machines amazing and make tattooing easier. My favourite tattoo machine at the moment is the Thorn pen because its tiny, manageable and the solid hit easily puts the ink inside of the skin. For me, Stigma® is a serious company that focuses to always maintain amazing quality, and which grows daily without having to sell its own image. I plan to progress in my artwork by traveling and gain more experiences which I can then translate into art. Nowadays, there are a lot of tattoo artists out there that offer high quality work, which makes it even more challenging to be unique. It takes a lot of hard work to create a recognisable style and to stand out you must commit to your work with all your strength and passion. sderenato.tattooartist Watercolor - mixing realism and abstract objects Equipment: Thorn | HyperV4 | Spear

Samantha Pozza

Slide Samantha Pozza I have been tattooing since I was around 20 years old and in the year 2014, I opened my own tattoo studio called "Pimp Your Body". The Stigma® Prodigy was my first serious tattoo machine I bought, back in 2014, and it was love at first tattoo because it is a cross between a coil and a rotary machine. Now, the Stylist is my favourite machine from Stigma® because its powerful and at the same time very delicate due its adjustability. It can adapt to any type of job. Often, I only use the Stylist to make a whole tattoo simply by adjusting the hardness of the beat by tuning the stroke length of the needle. What I like most about the Stigma® brand is the seriousness and continuous innovation of their products. In the future, I would like my works to become recognizable all over Italy and then all over the world, right now I'm working on it and with a small step by step I think it will become possible. samy_pimpyourbody_tattoo New School - Cartoon Equipment: Stylist


Slide Sideusz I have 18 years of experience in tattooing and only recently became a Stigma® ProArtist. I am the type of person who tries to avoid calling something better or worse, since I believe every single machine works in proper hands. The Shot machine let me work with lines/shading and color without any unnecessary adjustments. It speeds up my work, makes my life easier. It’s also fast and strong, just perfect. I had to say goodbye to a couple machines I used to work with for many years when I started to use the Shot. Since always, the Stigma® brand, was associated with powerful motors in my mind. The Stigma® team really seems to look in the future and invest in innovations. sideusz Oriental - Neotraditional Equipment:Shot machine - Comfy grip

Theo Pedrada

Slide Theo Pedrada I started using Stigma in 2011 and I’ve been a Stigma® ProArtist since 2013. I prefer the Stigma brand because I can trust in their quality products. I can even travel without worrying that something will happen to my machines. My favourite machine model is the Thorn because it’s really comfortable in my hand and features a lot of power. For me, the Stigma-Rotary® brand is a combination of all the good machines that have been created over the years which have improved the development of the tattoo industry. Stigma-Rotary® comes out with strong reliable machines. With a lot of great artists and good brands like Stigma-Rotary® on the market the future of tattooing will be full of great work and new products as well as technologies that will help to improve the way we create tattoos. theopedrada Black and Grey - Chicano Equipment: Thorn | HyperV4 | Spear

Vlatko Zdravkov

Slide Vlatko Zdravkov I have been a professional tattoo artist for about 7 years. I mostly work on realistic pieces (I like doing color realism with a hint of expressionism when I get the chance.) There are some motives that I prefer to do in black and grey as well. What I like about Stigma-Rotary is firstly their brand name and secondly the great tattoo equipment they manufacture. The machines are very easy to use, compact and have a great design. I have a few favourite Stigma machines but the one I like the most is the Spear pen due to the adjustability it offers. The compatibility and functionality the Spear offers, helps me with the way I work and the Style I work on. Being a Stigma® ProArtist is great since I get to be part of a team that has amazing artists as members who come from all over the world. In the future I want to work tirelessly to perfect the techniques I use and to master other tattooing styles vlatko_zdravkov Color Realism - Black and Grey Equipment: Stylist | Thorn 3.5mm | Spear