Force Power Pack

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A high-end removable power pack with a built-in display and controls, a USB – C port for charging and pass through operation.

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A high-end removable power pack which features a built-in display, button controls and a USB – C port for charging and pass-through operation (charging while working). You can customize and save memory presets to quickly swap between different voltage and give/boost settings. You can also adjust these parameters independently at any given time to make your work more efficient. The battery can last up to 10 hours on a single charge (depends on many factors such as voltage, cartridge needle configuration etc.).

With the new “digital give & boost” feature, the motor as a default runs in constant mode which means the stitching speed is not affected by the skin’s resistance. Enabling give will allow the machine to respond to the skin’s resistance and become softer. By choosing between 3 levels of give you can adjust the sensitivity and softness. Enabling boost on the other hand will allow the machine to run without dropping the stitching speed but it will respond to the skin’s resistance and become punchier and faster on difficult areas to ensure optimal results.

With “motion control” you can simply adjust the voltage really fast just by rotating the device. To enable it, press & hold the Power button while the motor is running, then voltage is set based on the positioning, when the front (needle) points up the voltage is at its peak, 11 V, and when the front points down the voltage goes as low as 4 V. Of course, you can set it anywhere in between just by stopping the rotation where it feels right. Same goes for left- or right-hand artists.

The power pack is Bluetooth enabled which allows you to pair your machine directly with the Pilot Wireless Footswitch or our mobile app for iOS and Android (more info soon) to unlock even more features.

The Force Power Pack is available only in Black.

Key Features

  • Quick interchangeable power packs
  • Built-in Display & Controls
  • On/Off switch
  • Voltage +/-
  • Memory presets
  • Digital Give & Boost
  • Motion Control
  • USB – C port (pass through*)
  • Compatible with Pilot Wireless Foot Switch

Technical Specifications


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