Since I became a part of the Stigma® ProTeam I found that working with Stigma-Rotary’s powerful machines has really helped me improve my work. The machines work really professionally, without destroying the skin. With Stigma® machines I can pack color fast, shade softly and tattoo solid lines. They are also really easy to use for whip shading. It’s quite hard to choose my favorite Stigma® machine because in the beginning I really loved the Spear. It has a give adjustment which is really easy to use and perfectly soft for layering techniques. Ever since I started to change my tattooing style and moved to other techniques, I found that the Thorn was my true love. It’s faster and better for lines and even though it has a harder hit it’s simpler to use. I find that the Stigma-Rotary® brand has a lot of products available and they always have something new out on the market. They’re not just a lot of products, they are all built for different purposes, I think that’s cool. In the future I plan to move to creating bigger scales because I’m not really interested in working the classic way. I want to evolve my style and practice freehand on it. I’d like to move to more abstract forms, creating more artistic tattoo, simplifying and at the same time making them fuller. In ten years from now I hope I’m still on this planet doing more contemporary art and perhaps I’ll start to work with installations. That’s my kind of dream!

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