I have been in the business for a total of 9 years, 3 of them tattooing professionality. I prefer working with Stigma® tattoo equipment because its high-quality and well-thought-out equipment for professionals. My favourite machine is the Stigma® Spear because it offers unique features (which other manufacturers cannot offer). In the working process the Spear can be adjusted to be able to work on any skin type, without having to disassemble the machine. The pen has a biting, powerful punch that effortlessly copes with complex areas of the skin, even on the lowest voltage. It sometimes feels like the Spear is connected to my brain and knows what result I need to get. Stigma® as a brand always offers up-to-date equipment, the team knows what artists need and they think through every step of the way when creating products. It’s favourable to see them paying great attention to ergonomics, appearance and practicality of the equipment they bring out on the market. In the future I am planning to work on several new styles, one of which is the MartGlitch Style, it is a realistic color style that basically carries a psychological effect, the psychology of color and contrast manipulation. I also plan to holding several seminars next year on the same topic.