I became a Stigma® ProArtist just a few months ago, but I remember when my boss told me that I was going on our first tattoo convention. As a prize he would give me a new machine. I got two prizes at this convention so he had to give me two new machines. All tattoos were small and I worked many hours on them, so that they were perfect. The judges could see how much effort I had put into these pieces. My first prize was a Hyper and the second a Prodigy. Others told me, that it was very difficult to go from a coil to a rotary, but I didn’t feel like this. With Stigma-Rotary® it was so easy. Now I appreciate that all Stigma® machines are heavy duty, strong and never hurt the skin. It’s like painting for me. I started working with the Thorn and even with low volts it worked well. My favourite machine has to be the Stylist. Are you surprised? I have seen many artists working with the Stylist on black and grey designs and they were really soft and smooth. As for me, I work with the same techniques, the shades and the textures really blend so the Stylist it’s just what I wanted. Truly I use all the machines I have. The Thorn for colours and for filling big parts with solid colour. The Spear I use for lining and dot work which I also do. What I really like about the Stigma-Rotary® brand is that they are real people who have done hard work and are always willing to help to resolve any problems customers might have. They are a real Stigma-Rotary® family with a well-known brand name. Their machines have been on the market for many years and they always come out with new creative ideas. It’s an honour to be a member of the pro-team. Lastly, in the future I would like to try to do a little bit of everything. I want to work more, travel more and get inspired by artists, new customers and nature. Tattooing is a way of life for me and I will never stop learning.