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Jurgis Mikalauskas

In 2019 I became a Stigma® ProArtist. I love to work a lot with flow and compositions since these techniques are fun to freehand, which is how I do most of my tattoos. The Thorn and Spear pen machines offer the diversity that I need to create. The Thorn is my favourite machine at the moment. I am using it for lining, shading and coloring. It really packs the ink effortlessly and kind of feels like I am cheating. Stigma-Rotary® simply make 1st class tattoo machines that are so easy and fun to work with. As a ProArtist its really nice to see how interested they are in our opinion about their products – they want to make the absolute best machines. And they deliver. It’s just a fantastic brand I love being on their team. In the future I want to run my own tattoo shop, travel more and realize a lot of guest spots around the globe.