I became a Stigma® ProArtist in October 2019. I would describe my tattooing style as something between neotraditional and new school. Stigma® machines help me in many ways, they are strong, easy to use and make my work simple and fast. The Thorn is my favourite machine at the moment, I use it to do the outlines and to pack color. The Thorn’s shape is ergonomic and therefore perfectly fits in my hand and prevents pain in my wrist (which I have broke a few times and need to watch out for). I like the Stigma® brand because its continuously developing new products and it is implementing new technologies as well. I also like the brand because our ProTeam keeps on growing stronger which is uniting great artists. In the future, I would like my outlines to be flawless and my tattoo compositions to fit the body shape of the client as much as possible. I would also like the visit more countries and spread my tattoo artwork all over the world. I know that with Stigma-Rotary® I can achieve all of my goals.

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