I have been tattooing since I was around 20 years old and in the year 2014, I opened my own tattoo studio called “Pimp Your Body”. The Stigma® Prodigy was my first serious tattoo machine I bought, back in 2014, and it was love at first tattoo because it is a cross between a coil and a rotary machine. Now, the Stylist is my favourite machine from Stigma® because its powerful and at the same time very delicate due its adjustability. It can adapt to any type of job. Often, I only use the Stylist to make a whole tattoo simply by adjusting the hardness of the beat by tuning the stroke length of the needle. What I like most about the Stigma® brand is the seriousness and continuous innovation of their products. In the future, I would like my works to become recognizable all over Italy and then all over the world, right now I’m working on it and with a small step by step I think it will become possible.

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