I have been a professional tattoo artist for about 7 years. I mostly work on realistic pieces (I like doing color realism with a hint of expressionism when I get the chance.) There are some motives that I prefer to do in black and grey as well. What I like about Stigma-Rotary is firstly their brand name and secondly the great tattoo equipment they manufacture. The machines are very easy to use, compact and have a great design. I have a few favourite Stigma machines but the one I like the most is the Spear pen due to the adjustability it offers. The compatibility and functionality the Spear offers, helps me with the way I work and the Style I work on. Being a Stigma® ProArtist is great since I get to be part of a team that has amazing artists as members who come from all over the world. In the future I want to work tirelessly to perfect the techniques I use and to master other tattooing styles